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Would you like to volunteer to be a mentor?

CoderDojo Denver has junior and adult mentors.

Adult mentors don't need to have any programming knowledge - just the ability to think logically, a passion for helping people grow, and a little bit of problem-solving ability. Non-developers and developers with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Unity, and beyond are welcome to become mentors!

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Become a junior mentor!

Junior mentors are students aged 7-17 who want to gain mentorship and leadership skills in addition to working on projects like other students who attend CoderDojo.

Junior mentors are the go-to for assisting other ninjas and their parents/guardians - greeting and welcoming newcomers, directing them to tables and helping them get on WiFi to get started on session work.

Ninjas can become junior mentors if they:

Talk to an adult mentor for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions Answers
Do I need to have programming knowledge to be a mentor? No. All you need to mentor are problem-solving skills, the ability to use a search engine, and a passion for technology and helping kids learn to code.
Will I be expected to teach at sessions? No, children will be directed to websites to learn from. Mentors will provide assistance, problem-solving, and encourage collaboration between kids. A mentor serves as a facilitator, pointing students in the direction they wish to go.
Do I need to bring anything? No. Each child will have their own laptop.
Do I have to attend every session to be a mentor? You’re not required to attend every session, though we’d love to have you at every session!
I am a mentor and also the parent/guardian of kids who are interested in coding. Can I bring them along? Of course! Sign them up and check them in on the day of the session!