Mentor Neil Thawani Neil Thawani Director
Mentor Sarah Withee Sarah Withee Chief of Operations

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Call for Leadership

We are looking for volunteer community leaders to help grow CoderDojo Pittsburgh as Board members. If you are interested, contact us.

Role Job Description
VP Email Marketing E-mail our monthly newsletter to students, parents, and mentors.
VP Social Media Marketing Manage our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
VP Photography Take pictures at our events and work with the VPs Marketing to share what happens at our events!
VP Digital Marketing Update the CoderDojo Pittsburgh website by working with other team members. This role is highly cross-functional because each Board member contributes to the organization's website as a central repository of knowledge about our events, curriculum, and membership.
VP Curriculum Have a vision for computer science education? Improve the CoderDojo Pittsburgh curriculum.
VP Recruitment Recruit mentors and students to CoderDojo Pittsburgh.
VP Sponsorship Apply for grants, fellowships, and seek donations for CoderDojo Pittsburgh.